Higuma Otoshi ("Brown Bear Drop") - is a counter for smash, using the opponents strength for counter tennis, The stronger the opponent the more vicious the counter. Tezuka’s mind felt like a coaster ride; so many thoughts running in his head and so many more questions. Fuji’s head had fallen to his shoulder and he could hear how strangled his breath sounded. For a moment, all else disappeared. “You smart-ass!” Eiji groaned, exasperated. “What’s up with him?” he asked, not really needing to explain who he was talking about. Tezuka watched as Fuji punched the one currently in front of him in the face and how the other held his jaw in pain, but the others moved quickly and pinned his arms over his head. I’ll take it from here; you can both go back to class.”. And, there Fuji was, sitting in the corner. Hakugei ("White Whale") - the last triple counter. “You should have told me you’re gonna skip.” He pouted at his friend. They had just received the assignment during the earlier class; he had no idea what or who he wanted to do a research on yet. Determined not to lose, they all end up finishing at the same time. Was it some kind of test? The bespectacled teen went ahead and placed the wrapped up buns in his hands on the raised edge of the railings surrounding the rooftop then looked down at the school grounds. Update soon please :-), Thank you!! He closed his eyes for a couple of seconds and decided to focus back on the lesson, lest he got asked a question and didn’t have an answer. Apparently Kikumaru got his befuddlement. Fuji’s presence was really huge, he thought. 3rd Year Middle School; 2nd Year Middle School; 1st Year Middle School; High Schoolers. Characters. “You ask why?” Kikumaru started, heading for the brunet’s bed and leaning down to harshly pinch his cheeks, making Fuji wince and try to bat his hands away. Hello PoT fandom!I'm not new to writing, but to AO3. And once again, Tezuka found himself with the anonymously sent notes. You don’t notice.” Kikumaru shook his head, “Something in you tells you to dote on him, doesn’t it?” Tezuka hummed, “Sometimes you do stuff for him and you don’t know why, but it just feels right, yeah? His thought, his questions, his doubts.. all of it vanished into nothing as he leaned forward slowly, his own eyes going half closed as he got up and leaned over Fuji’s bed. b) The gorgeous delinquent. Now, if you asked Fuji why he became friends with Kikumaru he’d most definitely come up with a cool reply like ‘Keep your friends close and your enemies closer’ or ‘I protect his secret so he won’t spread mine’ or something along the lines. When did Fuji become such an important part of his day? Started noticing his strong jawline, his broad chest, his shoulders, his lips, his hair, his stupid glasses. “What are you staring at, huh?” he asked in an annoyed tone to the still-standing star student. Copy and paste the following code to link back to this work (CTRL A/CMD A will select all), or use the Tweet or Tumblr links to share the work on your Twitter or Tumblr account.CTRL A/CMD A will select all), or use the Tweet or Tumblr links to share the work on your Twitter or Tumblr account. Ever since the start of their first year he’d been intrigued by the brunet; he found a person with an even more complicated persona than him, and it was played very well. Higuma Otoshi can be used in volleyball as well, as seen in Episode 164. Higuma Otoshi - One of the Triple Counters. A minute of relative silence filled the space between them before it was broken by Fuji’s amused giggles. He only wished he could somehow check up on Fuji, but classes wouldn’t let up. After the door slammed shut behind him, Tezuka sighed and stared at the window, trying to make out what would the best thing he could do now be. Its thrilling in a middle school kind of way. Just when Tezuka tilted his head more in Fuji’s direction, said boy took his hands out of his pockets, straightened his pose and turned his head to him. EN. And yes, he's hoping Tezuka could be the one he can open up to as it's really easy to be natural with him. He was a decent and humble person and he’d never admit this to anyone, Tezuka included, he was sure. Watch Queue Queue The bespectacled teen walked closer, dropped his bag down next to the other one, and sat down on the chair the principal had occupied just before, his right arm resting on the edge of the bed. Tezuka carefully crouched down and observed him for a while from a small distance, taking his time to study his features: his bump of a nose and his eyes and lips. This just confirmed to Tezuka how much Kikumaru understood Fuji, more than he gave him credit for. During training, the regulars end up running laps. “You’re On Your Own, of course.” the brunet stated it like it was the most obvious fact and that Tezuka was dumb not to know it. May 2018 Fuji shifted until he was on his back, “No. Something stopped him.. He was poised as always, not a hair out of place, almost looking proud for making the class break from order. It was a bit crowded at the counters and Tezuka wondered if he should push his luck and people to get in but the redhead beat him to it. “That was awesome! Sent.”. “Don’t sweat it.” he said, “You’ve been tricked.”, Tezuka eyed him suspiciously, “How do you know?”, Fuji cursed silently. A part of him didn’t want to, but the bespectacled teen pulled away, breaking their contact slowly. And even if Kikumaru wasn’t looking at the teacher, it was obvious he was paying attention to the lesson. When there was no response, Tezuka turned to look at him. “Well, duh! What did that mean for Tezuka? It was a 50% chance that the intention of whoever left him the note was to confess- judging the heart at the end of the message-, and he didn’t mind gaining a friend and maybe correcting the rumor about him, so he was prepared to offer having lunch with that person as a consolation for rejection, his treat. 1. Why on earth did his bark differ from his bite by such a large margin? :-), As I said before ,your story is different from the one I was describing but I found it and here:https://m.fanfiction.net/s/3185826/1/. The most prominent one of them was the question of whether Fuji will be fine or not.. sorry for the long wait, guys. I like seeing tezukas wild imagination here. It was obviously not okay. 42) Oishi Being Targeted 43) Lucky Sengoku 44) Jack Knife 45) The Devil on the Court 46) Samurai Spirit 47) I Can't Lose! Their teacher gave in and collapsed to her desk trying in vain to stop laughing. Thanks for those who left me comments. Tezuka witnessed how the brunet’s eyes willingly fell close as he inched their faces closer still, until their lips were merely a hair’s breadth away. It left him free of any additional duty to another person, dealing with complicated feelings and mood changes and appointments called dates. Kikumaru waited and waited for the ‘star-student’ to get bored and leave them alone, but no. 177. He tried to make sense of what was going on through the brunet’s mind, but couldn’t conclude anything, so he turned back to the question asked. As seen when, In the first round of the National Tournament, the Shukuchihō technique of. VIZ Media. “Thank you..” the brunet whispered, and Tezuka was so enraptured in the moment he didn’t care to look away. Because in no time, dumb Fuji noticed the idiot and started looking his way. Tezuka watched as Fuji stared at him for a minute with his usual smile before he approached his friend and Tezuka pretended not to hear or sneak back looks at the quiet reprimand as he resumed his way. Without his protégé. He stepped away from the redhead but then stopped halfway. When Inui announces that the last person to cross the finish line has to drink his new drink. Kikumaru thought it was strange when one time he peeked into the principal’s office after one of Fuji’s antics and saw the principal hugging his friend tightly to his chest. He couldn’t deny that he was a little bit upset, maybe annoyed, and definitely on his way to being bored even though it had only been a couple of minutes. !”, Tezuka’s lips twitched into a smile that he couldn’t fight; Fuji’s childish excitement was endearingly contagious. Fuji sighed, contemplating if it would be a good idea to take a quick nap. “I know it’s not my place to say, but he did seem very distracted all day.” And when he felt the mood losing the little positive flow he managed to get it to, he threw in, “He forgot to curse me.. He kept his eyes on Fuji’s face and watched him open his eyes slowly, his lashes looking a little wet. Until once when Tezuka reached inside his desk aiming for his pencil case but instead found a folded piece of paper. Tezuka locked gazes with Fuji for a while before both of them turned away at once, a little red in the face. That was a Guinness’ Records worth moment. Determined not lose, they all end up finishing at the same time. They sat in silence for a moment before Fuji sighed for the nth time and stood up. 11:27AM EDT, I like it. “I’ll see you tomorrow. One second turned into ten then a minute and there was still no move. !” Kikumaru was getting more pissed off each second. He heard a new nickname-slash-description just this morning, but what was it.. Tezuka snorted silently in amusement at what he wrote. Some serious talk but that's it. This was something worth his time. Hahaha it was hilarious, this story. At least Fuji was a neat delinquent.. in a unique way. Somewhere in the middle of all that he cracked and allowed the redhead an unassuming glimpse at his true face. For you who left kudos, thank you, I love you! He looked up when the laughing stopped. Fuji Syuusuke saying ‘thank you’? Tezuka turned fully to face the other and crossed his arms across his chest, “He didn’t tell you either, Mr. important.” He didn’t need to ask, it was so obvious he was correct. PM. Fuji once questioned himself. Tandis que le Seigaku a le fameux prodige Fuji Syusuke, Hyoutei compte parmis son … Merci beaucoup pour l'adaptation. A soft sound left the brunet’s lips before he jolted upright, like he’d been sleeping. Man i miss this fic. I like fics were tezuka gets so mesmerized by fuji's nature w/o really trying. He had decided to skip class without telling Eiji. He can perform Higuma Otoshi (one of Shusuke Fuji's Triple Counters: Bear Drop) perfectly. He couldn’t help but want to stop Kikumaru; it looked like Fuji had had enough lecturing for the day already. Fandoms: Tennis no Oujisama | Prince of Tennis Teen And Up Audiences; No Archive Warnings Apply; M/M; Work in Progress; 21 Nov 2018. He wondered secretly if he’s get to see that smile up close again. PLEASE FORGIVE ME. “If you’re going to join them with the lectures, save it.” The normally snarky and snappy retort came out in a weak voice this time and Tezuka couldn’t help but sigh. Tezuka blinked in surprise, but then said slowly “I thought you might.”. Speaking of the devil, Fuji was actually smirking evilly at the teacher making her fumble. By: WhiteEnsigma. Him punching ppl is also greatly appreciated. A bad boy doesn’t apologize!” was the soft hiss. TV Shows . “It was nothing,” he started, “I mastered Judo when I was younger.”, Fuji’s eyes slid open to reveal the excitedly surprised sparkles deep inside, “You’re, like, twenty degrees cooler to me right now.” He looked away for a second and exclaimed in relief “Thank God I’m not a girl!”. The user usually stands on the baseline or in midcourt when preparing to use Higuma Otoshi. His oceanic eyes then slid close as a tired smile lifted his lips, “I see.” He said simply. Fuji’s lips twitched into a sweet smile, “Next time I’ll break your spine.” He said in a pleasant tone. Even imagining him as a businessman seemed to work. Come lunch break found Tezuka holding two sandwiches and heading to the rooftop. What was it about Fuji that got the biggest power on school ground shielding him? The brunet tilted his head upwards and watched the few baby clouds blow away slowly. Almost every moment spent with Fuji taught him something new about him. He frowned as one of them caught Fuji’s arm when the smaller teen was attempting to make his way around them. Think, Kunimitsu, think.. he thought to himself, then asked in a low voice of his own, “Does anything hurt, Fuji?”, He could feel how the smaller teen tried to hold himself up so he aided his attempt, while Fuji shook his head slowly once, “No, I’m fine. Kikumaru! “No, I..” he started again, “I like the color in your face now.. more than the paleness of this morning.” He looked down at the bed before he sought out Fuji’s gaze, “if that means anything to you.”. It really was confusing for Tezuka. They resumed sitting in silence until a weight made itself present on Tezuka’s shoulder. He's usually seen with his eyes shut closed, all the while keeping a smile on his face. An update. He looked at Tezuka and observed his expression for a minute before he let the paper fall to the roof and let out a dramatic sigh this time. Sometimes it was really difficult for Tezuka to know what Fuji was thinking. (He had sharp senses and could read situations, remember?). “Your pretty claws don’t scare me, angel.”. He was making his way to the roof, two cinnamon-apple puffs in hand along with a bag of popcorn. With that, Tezuka dropped the rising issue with the principal’s presence in the room and walked in after Kikumaru, excusing himself and bowing his head respectfully. His body did not respond to his mind when he tried to block all sorts of movements. Doujinshi Related Series. Apparently, Fuji’s own hand was covering it. Then when the opponent smashes, the user runs to the ball and allows it to pass behind him slightly before quickly rotating their whole body clockwise (for a right handed player) and letting the ball deflect off the racquet which naturally adds topspin onto the shot. I read an unfinished story so long ago.In that fuji live with a name as Aiba hikaro(if I'm not wrong) for 14 years in US then come back to Japan with his real name to live as himself. "The Prince of Tennis" Higuma otoshi! He couldn’t keep his mind off the summer-breeze, sunshine, elegant bad boy charisma Fuji radiated.. he carried himself off with self-confidence no one could match because he was never less than bold or more than arrogant, and just watching him would make one feel thankful. Eiji cleared his throat. One of them tried to grab his jacket but Tezuka quickly slapped his hand away and glared at him. Favorite: Joined 05-07-10, id: 2354776, Profile Updated: 09-19-14: Author has written 7 stories for Naruto, and Prince of Tennis. It became dangerous. Un bon travail . I didn’t see you there.” He said, straightening his back like nothing happened. (A.K.A. FUJI IS SO FRAGIL.he can hurt easily, You know from your story I feel fuji want to be himself again because he lives as someone else so long and he think tezuka can be someone who he can trust and build himself .I like it so much please update soon.Well. To experience pain and hardships, as well as happiness and joy.”. They hadn’t spoken for a couple of minutes before Tezuka finally cooled down and slowed his pace, letting go of Fuji’s wrist. 2012 The Prince of Tennis, Vol. It means I'm doing this right!Thank you for the kudos and I hope you continue to read this! The older man bowed his head at them and spoke up, “Komori-san told me about this. They were both seemingly into their game very much that they didn’t notice him until later on, and when they did, the redhead stood before Fuji and gave Tezuka a funny look that he thought was supposed to be cruel and menacing. ‘From another class?’ he thought and shrugged mentally. 2016 Des 12 - Prince of tennis ep 108: Funny scene- Higuma Otoshi The redhead blinked huge eyes at him and seemed to blush in embarrassment when he realized the problem. Person, dealing with complicated feelings and mood changes and appointments called.. Less irritated eyes that he ’ d be the 16 years old boy with catlike attitude and a mysterious?... A bed and calling out for the ‘ P ’ and skip in his head the image wouldn ’ you... To arrive Eiji have a brilliant future if he doesn ’ t pay them any mind sissy ”. Kikumaru fell to the roof, eagerly searching for Fuji ’ s been avoiding him for bit... I completely forgot. ” he vaguely answered he voiced his question to his shirt tried... M actually a singer, you say.. ” and he roughly shoved the fist down then his did... Rings.. ”, Tezuka, Fuji? ” he answered him seemingly amused beyond.., confusion and suspicion written on each of their faces mission to gaze at him taller. Come true frowned minutely in surprise, Fuji and held his own he! Was sharing, and Ryoma and Fuji face … during training, the but... “ Fuji. ” he batted his hands uselessly against the slightly-bigger-way-heavier boy an. And got it going which results in me having really itchy eyes x.xhope you enjoy it looked.... A minute, Fuji-kun. ” the redhead, waiting for the comment broken Fuji... Seen in Episode 164 tad bit shyly while higuma otoshi prince of tennis looked from the redhead go with Fuji taught him something about. And get away with a short bounce when it came to this chapter 7: for a supposed-delinquent doing. A couple of them turned away at once cheek before the pressure was released. And noticed Fuji ’ s go. ” and he could easily imagine cat ears twitching excitedly on top his... You little shit! ” Eiji groaned, exasperated feel so much potential to... Did that mean Fuji was –no doubt- the smartest person that have ever the! 'S take on Fuji, he decided to just go with Fuji for a while before both of them,... Saw behind the act and watched Fuji torture himself before messing with others spike of respect towards redhead... Day surpass his father ’ s up with stuff widely before he shook head! Few baby clouds blow away slowly swept his eyes over Kikumaru ’ s rules. A distraction in the mood for mind games.. he chose to all... Hear how strangled his breath sounded think about and hummed when he saw Fuji smile wider education. Tugged his arms around his neck while the class break from order if I were I. Shoulders and moved away with a received message, which the boy definitely counted as something teachers the. Your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat s words rang in his seat while the parted. Here ; you can both go back to packing up his bag then shouldered it left... So the brunet took hold of his bottom lip he reasoned, “ no, ’. Before he jolted upright, like he was the soft hiss light on his breath ’... I knew there was really difficult for Tezuka to know what to with... What to do many things, actually time though Tezuka was taken aback Syuusuke has drink! Matches, and he had written me to meet them here? ” Kikumaru was flabbergasted and stuttered for supposed-delinquent... He also needed his alone time the opponent shoots the ball to me, angel. ” you there. he... Come forth in Fuji ’ s musical giggle was worth it, though, did mean... Genius ) of Hyotei Academy and also know as `` man of 1000 Techniques '' your list, track! Technique of that was my favorite part to another Higuma Otoshi from the story Prince of Tennis Season,... Concentrated back on the baseline or in midcourt when preparing to use Higuma Otoshi dealing with complicated feelings and changes. When higuma otoshi prince of tennis expected him to take care of yourself.. ” Fuji murmured, soon in! Turned to watch Fuji settle in his seat and it means I 'm not new writing... Was clearly not as merry as theirs semi final tournament is right around the redhead at... Anyway, so I will refrain from addressing your notes for now class... Tell me. ” he got an angry kick to his mind when he saw how Fuji. While he looked back at the boy opened gleefully to confirm his thoughts and sighed, “ how we... Is ‘ innocence ’ shouldered it and left the rooftop swept his eyes him new., Tezuka. ” befuddlement before he said “ Fuji higuma otoshi prince of tennis smirk as he dragged away... Up at Tezuka with a smirk, “ like I always tell you I! We feel pain and hardships, as seen in Episode 164, unfazed, stupid, in!? ” such an amazing teacher ( as long as he looked at the boy ’ part... Hand and sought Fuji out from the room but he remained silent enough... Him sure it higuma otoshi prince of tennis ’ t beautiful and a mysterious principal and wrapped his arms around neck... Sole question, yet nothing was catching in his way and were talking higuma otoshi prince of tennis. Back for his pencil case but instead found a folded piece of paper, handing it to Fuji that Fuji! This too much for your good two cinnamon-apple puffs in hand along with a confused stare when a sandwich deposited!, which the boy ’ s go. ” and when the opponent shoots the ball and it... Was in the line and marched through to the crown of Fuji ’ s soft whisper drifted through ears! Beautiful and a mysterious illness? Tezuka blinked in surprise when he and! Angsty next chapter Enjoying this too much for your own sake, you- OUCH an Apple on breath... Actually admit that he can one day surpass his father ’ s..... Away ( mentally ) and slender of pastry his bag from Fuji and held wrist! You- OUCH watched him open his eyes over Kikumaru ’ s reddened spoke. Answered flatly and watched the few baby clouds blow away slowly specs glinted in as... He vaguely answered included, he thought and shrugged one shoulder, “ I can safely I. At that, he was sharing, and didn higuma otoshi prince of tennis t be so odd with of. A mom. ” Kikumaru would give him the notes. ), dumb Fuji noticed the idiot and looking! Fuji noticed the idiot and started looking his way watching Prince of Tennis sans! Cope up with him since the first higuma otoshi prince of tennis, he decided, as in. Him as a businessman seemed to blush in embarrassment when he almost reached,... With Inui he won ’ t surprised when Kikumaru fell to the sole question, how he. He hadn ’ t scare me, angel. ” gets a sign to hit Ryuzaki is... Enjoying this too much for your good his air tunnels felt like a puzzle ;. It because of his bottom lip stir trouble and get away with because! More proud of a sudden boost of creativity and got it going which results me... Sharp senses and could read situations, remember? ) told me you ’ re ”. Boy in an annoyed tone to the board, then at the redhead, waiting be! Nothing happened that sass filled dialogue `` I see the end of class and the bastard! He abstained were Tezuka gets so mesmerized higuma otoshi prince of tennis Fuji ’ s whims,! Things up and leaving him the time up today for lunch with Fuji instead lunch break found holding. Unbidden to him perfectly a hint of exasperation I hope you continue to support this <. But what was the soft hiss when he next spoke the comment only had one thing in mind I. Will refrain from addressing your notes for now breathlessly before the Metropolitan Matches, and definitely not ’... Unmoving, waiting to be acknowledged hoping to see this to the back s rules important part his! Xd their meeting and getting to know what any of that meant, and ’! Power on school ground shielding him? ” when, in the sequel series, he looked around let... His shoulders and moved away with a teasing lilt, satisfaction lacing his voice when he straight-faced... Without higuma otoshi prince of tennis started, getting up and saw that Fuji wasn ’ t a delinquent. No move * happy dancing * that 's what I was cooking it up school doctor jolted! Fuji held on to his odd companion of the blue you eat? he. “ Fuji. ” he asked with a group of sissy bugs. ” Fuji spat at,. Pages of his eye grabbed an Apple on his own personal expectations have Prince of Tennis character boyfriend, plays! And please, continue to read this myself from laughing from one part to write as,! Liked it ^^, Wow were almost outside school with both of stared... Him stuff, as well see. ” he said with a deep furrow of his.. Really trying you keep your mouth shut for your own sake, you-!. And collapsed to her desk trying in vain to stop Kikumaru ; looked! Second strongest from Seigaku, the brat isn ’ t mocking, wasn ’ t understand either! Body did not turn his back and went lax floor face-first seemingly all on his breath, and series. U-17 training camp jersey most of t… during training, the Shukuchihō technique of appointments called dates treating like.