The most googled surfer – Alana Blanchard

alana blanchard

Alana Blanchard is a professional surfer and part-time model from Hawaii. She is currently ranked 64 in the ASP Womens Rankings.

Hailing from Hawaii, it only makes sense that surfing is very much a part of her life. In fact, surfing pretty much is her life considering she does it for a living and travels the world participating in the same. She is a close, personal friend of famous surfer Bethany Hamilton.

Blanchard is a model and designer for Rip Curl bikini and swim wear, a company founded with the surfing image and lifestyle in mind.

Besides her busy life in surfing and modeling, Blanchard has a television program which, ironically, follows her life in surfing and modeling.

She makes her home in Kauai, Hawaii on the beach.

As a professional surfer, she has many corporate sponsors as part of her work. These specific sponsors, many of whom are associated with surfing, are Rip Curl wetsuits and clothing, Reef footwear, Spy eyewear, Sticky Bumps accessories, GoPro cameras, Rockstar energy drinks and Channel Islands Surfboards.

2013 was an average year for Blanchard, entering eight total events and scoring an average of 5.11 per wave. 2014 looks to be a much more interesting year.

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