Mike Sandusky


Owner Surf Ontario Surf Shop

” Surfing in Ontario, Canada? Yup & we know wetsuits! We also know how to put them on – and that’s with a Surf Jimmy. Putting on a damp suit for your second session? It’s not a problem with the Surf jimmy.
At the Surf Ontario Surf Shop we believe in the Surf Jimmy and we all use them to put on our suits – we even have Surf Jimmy’s in our fitting rooms for customers trying on wetsuits! Try one once and you’ll never put your wetsuit on again without one! “

Wendi Zuccaro

Wendi Zucaroo

Experienced surfer, Central California, U.S.A

” I wanted to let you know how stoked I am to have my surf Jimmy’s!!! They totally rock it, make the suit slip on so much easier, and… They are Soooo rugged. I have been using my pair for quite some time. They are sturdy, durable and washable. These are so much better than regular plastic bags! I tell everyone who asks when we are all changing to head into the water, and people who are watching me put them on, but don’t want to come up and ask. ”

Jasper Eales

Jasper Eales

Jasper Eales, Cape Town, South Africa.

” The Surf Jimmy is super product that will increase the life span of your wetsuit, as well as get you into the surf faster than the others. The product is durable, light weight, and highly functional. It is certainly recommended to anyone who has any difficulty in putting a wetsuit or any other tight garments on. “

Jason Swain

Jason Swain

Surfer, Father, Photographer, Artist / designer (http://www.jasonswain.co.uk/)

“It’s one of those things that at first glance you wonder what the fuss is about, at second glance you think “I’ll just keep on using an old plastic bag thanks”, and it’s only after using one on a cold morning struggling into a cold wet wetsuit that the real genius becomes clear. I found mine especially useful getting into a cold, wet, wetsuit that been on the washing line outside all night!”

Russ Pierre

Russ Pierre

Lifelong surfer and teacher at Surf Action

” I have to say without a doubt these make putting a wetsuit on a lot easier. Initially I was a little sceptical and thought ‘I don’t need this, I can put a wetsuit on no problem’, but i tried it and found that occasionally a little extra help doesn’t hurt. My main aim though was to hand them out to the guys I work with at Surf Action; combat veterans who have a variety of injuries and whose mobility is not the best. The response was great, and we now have them in our Surf Action minibus on demand. The most amazing result was I tried it out with my four year old and this is where it came into its own. Struggling to get a four year old with sandy feet and hands into a wet wetsuit is never pretty, the Surf Jimmy made it a breeze and I wholly recommend this to parents around the globe who struggle with wet wetsuits and sandy children. Lastly I gave it to the local surf school who, on a daily basis have people who have never put on a wetsuit and it really helped them out and the feedback again was amazing. ”
(Surf Action are a registered Charity, an award winning and pioneering project that uses surfing and the beach environment to help people deal with the ongoing problems of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and physical injury.)

Joe Turnbull

Joe Turnbull

Surfer & Sales Manager UK & Eire O'Neill Wetsuits Limited (Boardsportsource.com/article)

Having spent countless weekends helping people get sandy feet into wet demo wetsuits, I can happily confirm that a few Surf Jimmys make the whole process much easier for everyone.

Rasmus Sangill Mikkelsen


Surfer and owner of the number one surf-site in Denmark XSurf.dk

Being a surfer since the early 90s and having tried pretty much every wetsuit on the market, I thought coming in an out of the neoprene was never gonna get easier. When the Surf Jimmy was shown to me as an admin on the Danish surf site Xsurf.dk, I wasn’t sure I would use it. I had never used anything like it. But, since keeping it in the car, besides the wetsuit, I’ve become addicted. I am now of the opinion that every surfer owes himself a Surf Jimmy. It’s cheap, easy to use, and a damn good friend.

Jamie Wood

Jamie Wood

Surfer and owner of Traceys Surf Shop

I have to say that the Surf Jimmy has been extensively used in our shop when little kids are trying on wetsuits and it is remarkably well received. I have to be honest i didn’t expect such a reaction. We have been using nappy bags for the same purpose for years but this solution is tidier!

Thomas Christensen

Thomas Christensen

Experienced Skiff Dinghy Sailor and coach at Yachtklubben Furesøen

I have spent countless hours on windy and rainy beaches and harbours, battling to get my wetsuit on so I could start warming up. Not only does the Surf Jimmy get me in the suit super quick, it also helps to avoid getting sand and dirt into the suit, which is a huge bonus because nothing ruins a 6–8 hour day in perfect sailing condition than an itchy and scratchy wetsuit. Thanx to the Surf Jimmy crew for this sweet product.

Dr. David Powers


Adventurer, Futurist, PADI Divemaster, and former Field Research Coordinator for the Divers Alert Network

” I absolutely love the Surf Jimmy from Easy On Surfing. Donning a wetsuit is one of the most dreaded parts of my set-up, but often necessary where I dive. The Jimmy makes it so easy and lightning quick.
Because much of my diving takes place in remote areas, I am very cautious about adding anything to my bag. The Jimmy is ultralight, folds up small with the elastic closure, and is not even noticable when not in use. It will be an integral part of my gear checklist from now on.”

Tobias Sørensen


Top 10 wakeboarder in Copenhagen Cable Park

I was studying in San Diego for a semester and had surf and wakeboard lessons every week. I had a hard time getting into my new wetsuit, which was really tight, especially the first couple of weeks. The Surf Jimmy solved the problem.

Bjørn Lindhardt Wils


PADI experienced diver at Københavns UV-Jagtklub

I am a member of the Copenhagen Underwater-Hunter Club (Københavns undervandjagtsklub) and we are using some very tight and thick wetsuits to stay warm in the cold Danish water.

I know my club friends have used everything from food oil to massage oil to help them get their wetsuits on more easily. However, these oils have the unfortunate side-effect of making the wetsuits rather disgusting and there is a risk of a build-up of a large bacterial colony.
Some of my friends have also used Sulpho to get their wetsuit on more easily, but Sulpho has the unfortunate effect of dissolving your natural skin fats, leading to all sorts of rashes.

The Surf Jimmy makes it much easier to put your hands and feet into the suit. However, given the type of two-piece wetsuit I use, I still have the challenge of getting my shoulders and head into the top portion.
So it would be nice if a solution to that problem could also be devised. But otherwise, the Surf Jimmy is super easy to use and makes it far easier to get your wetsuit on regardless of whether it is wet or dry.