Surfing – What’s it all about?

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Catching a wave? The feeling when catching a wave? Paddling out to the line-up? Or is it when struggling to put on your wetsuit? Or waxing your board?

Surfing is pretty much all of the above. However, some of the difficulties can be avoided and made easier. Many surfers will probably say that some aspects of surfing are just hard – and that’s just the way it is. Others would like some accessories to make things a little easier.

One aspect of surfing that today can be made easier is the putting on the wetsuit part – which is much easier using a Surf Jimmy. But is it really that hard? Yes, it is.

Do you know the feeling of getting out onto the beach in the early morning and you go to put your wetsuit on but it’s still damp from the previous day? Yes, I know you do. In such a situation you just want to get into the suit as fast and easily as possible and get out there.

However, the problem is often that, because the wetsuit is wet, it is very hard to put on. You get stuck when putting it on – and it takes a long time to first of all get your feet through your wetsuit and then your arms.

It’s much easier using a Surf Jimmy.

A Surf Jimmy is a small surf accessory made out of a strong sailing material. It is used as a sock to avoid getting stuck when putting on your wetsuit. You simply unwrap the Surf Jimmy, pull it onto one foot, stick that foot into the wetsuit and repeat with your other foot and then with your arms. The Surf Jimmy is extremely light and it is reusable and washable. Once you have finished with it, just pack it back up using the elastic strap and save it for next time you need to get into your wetsuit.

This is one surf accessory that makes it a little easier being a surfer.

Watch a video of how the Surf Jimmy works here:

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