Surf watches that can be worn not only at the lineup – but also at the business meeting, restaurant or bar

Møns Klint 1

The use for proper and good surf watches helps you not only in the water, but might also boost your personality to a great extent. The girls can explore a lot more options in accessories than boys, but nevertheless boys should not compromise on how they present themselves. The summers are especially a time where you can really flaunt your style and what better place than a beach?! Beach means Surfing and surfing in style requires skill and a surf watch.

Yes! Your ultimate fashion accessory during the summers is a surf watch that can accentuate your style statement without you being resistant to your inner ocean creature. The hustle of changing or removing your watch before enjoying the ocean is always a turn off. You remain conscious of how you need to keep track of your watch while it does not get wet. Well it might not be the case anymore as Sørensen watches from Denmark brings to you the Møns Klint collection of surf watches that might be the perfect match for you.

The Møns Klint collection comprises of a wide range of surf watches that are not too sporty and yet not too formal. The perfect balance between the two allows you to enjoy your summer beach party in the noon and have an exquisite dinner at the restaurant or attend your meeting in the evening while wearing the handy accessory. The not too formal look of the watch allows you to establish your own style statement while keeping it unique and in accordance to the definition of a strong modern man.

The various styles and choices in the collection allow you to keep it real, according to your own taste and hence heading out anywhere you want at any given time. Either it’s the ocean or the business world the Møns Klint surf watch collection might be the ultimate definition of style that gives an insight to that aura of masculinity and wildness hidden in you 🙂

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