Surf Idea Competition Over!


After months of looking for new innovative surf products, the competition is now over.

-The competition for finding the best idea for a new surf product has ended. Thank you all so much for all the crazy ideas you sent us. “This was certainly a lesson on how a company can conduct open innovation”, says Managing Director Rasmus Backman Sørensen.

One idea considered was to place a compass on the nose of a surfboard. Another one came from a grom surfer who would like gloves with webbed fingers to increase paddling efficiency. (However, we think this already exists.)

Another surfer from France, Adaliz Gerard, wants to develop a leg rope that will never slip off when getting shattered by a wave. Instead of strapping it around your leg when putting it on, it should be a leg rope you stepped into and then strapped onto your leg.

And here are some of the other ideas:

• A leash, but instead of a solid color, (black, clear, green) it could be black with a white striped spiral around its entire length to mimic the poisonous sea snake. This would scare the sharks because if they see this leash moving in the water, their DNA would kick in, and they would swim off believing it could bite and kill them instantly.

• Another leash idea. ‘I have had times when I’m out of breath from being pounded in the impact zone, so I come back to the beach, and I actually struggle with pulling the leash off my ankle. Imagine if you were stuck in coral or even something worse in the water and can’t break free? If the round pull tab was big enough to slip two or even three fingers inside of it or where you could get a good grasp on it, then you could pull it off quickly with no problem!’ says Wendi Zuccaro, a surfer from California.

• An attachable piece of clothing or material to attach to the neck area of a wetsuit to prevent neck rash.

• A specific piece of string used to attach the board to the leg rope. It would have to have a hooked-like feature so you can fit it under the little metal pole thing. Instead of using shoestring, which can easily break, use a strong material that easily fits through and under the metal.

• Sell more specialized fins. It is very hard to find big twin fins that are fCS-compatible at a standard price. There should be items like this—just to make finding fins easier for the surfer rather than only having a selection of normal shapers fins or crappy plastic ones.

• Just after being wiped out, before you have time to get on your board and duck dive, sometimes you had onto the base of your leg rope, and your hand and fingers get squished between the board and leg rope, which can be painful. Perhaps there should be a little handle to help grip the leg rope so you can recover you board more easily rather than letting it go wild.

• Small waterproof satchels that you can tie to your leg rope or body, which could hold cameras, video cameras, food, wax, sunscreen or anything. This is so you can transport items that would otherwise be vulnerable to water to places that can only be accessed by paddling to them. For example, to paddle over to a place called Straddie, we must paddle over a seaway, which takes about 10 minutes. Many times, we have wanted to take a camera but didn’t have a bag to hold the camera or any other items. That’s why I think it would be a good idea to have a small, portable lightweight bag to carry luggage over water without it getting wet.

By lottery, we have randomly picked a winner. And there is a box of Surf Jimmys on the way to you, Bryce Watson from Queensland, Australia!

Thanks, everyone, for participating!

-The Surf Jimmy Team-

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