Sally Fitzgibbon – Australia’s golden child

sally fitzgibbons

In the world of surfing, Sally Fitzgibbon is Australia’s golden child; a surfer since age 6, Sally has enjoyed great success in the sport. As the youngest surfer to win an ASP event at age 14 and the 2007 and 2008 Australasian Pro Junior Series, athletics and surfing have always been where Sally’s passion lay. She realized around age 8 that her dream was to be a professional athlete, and while some people work to find where they fit, surfing, Sally feels, chose her. Now, as a world traveler and professional surfer, life on the road has become for her a balance of enjoying the journey, admiring her surroundings, and working hard to constantly improve. Like most athletes in individual sports, the training and self-policing is her responsibility alone. For Sal, her motivation and inspiration is knowing the goals she’s set for herself and working to obtain that which she wants to achieve.

Now, just weeks away from her 23rd birthday, Fitzgibbons continues on her quest for world domination, which includes being the next World Champion surfer. After coming in second place last year, she feels perfectly primed to take the first place position, as she feels she “work[s] best as the underdog”. Keep your eyes open, as the young 5’7” wave rider continues to take the world and its raging waters by storm.

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