Put on a Wetsuit Like a Pro

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You may think that only newbies struggle with putting on a wetsuit, but here’s a little secret: even pros sometimes struggle to look professional while squeezing themselves into the wetsuit. The suit is designed to be skin tight, so there’s a reason it’s not easy. Here are some quick tips for looking like a pro when putting on your wetsuit.

First, be sure you put it on right the first time! You don’t want to pull that thing on only to realize that the zipper actually goes in the back. (Most suits zip in the back.) Unzip the suit and then pull it on, one leg at a time over your foot,calf, knee, and up to your thigh. Repeat with the other leg.

Next, you’ve got your torso to contend with. Pull the suit up toward your crotch, making sure none of the fabric is twisted or bunched up. Ensure the fabric is snug against your crotch, and then pull the suit up over your hips, making sure the fabric is tight against your torso.

Arms are next. Put your arms into the wetsuit much the same way you did with your legs – carefully, and one arm at a time. Work with the fabric to ensure that it doesn’t get twisted, and make sure the suit is snug against your armpit.

Now you’re on the home stretch! Pull the suit up over your shoulders, and zip up your suit (or ask someone to help you zip). Close the Velcro fastener, pull up the hood if there is one, and double check that the suit fits well and doesn’t restrict your movement. You should be ready to hit the waves!

If the above fails! Then, try using the Surf Jimmy – a product that makes it easier and faster putting on a wetsuit – especially if the wetsuit is wet already. This should give you that extra glide when putting on your wetsuit.

Good luck!

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