Surf product ideas wanted!

Surf Leash

Easy On Surfing, the surf company behind the Surf Jimmy, is looking for ideas for a new product to develop. They are asking surfers for help, and will award a prize for the best idea.

-We have been in business for about a year and have introduced the Surf Jimmy to most of Europe and Australia. Now we would like to develop a new product and we thought, who better to ask than surfers themselves? Let’s ask surfers worldwide to see if anyone has ideas for surf products we can produce. All ideas are welcome – we just want the product to be in line with the concept behind the Surf Jimmy, says Managing Director, Rasmus Backman Sorensen.

Similar to the idea behind the Surf Jimmy, the company wants to produce additional innovative surf products that make it easier to be a surfer.

They encourage all surfers to send in their ideas, no matter how crazy they think the ideas might be.

-We would love to hear from surfers all over the world. If you have an idea that might revolutionize the surf industry and make it easier to be a surfer – Let us know, says Rasmus.

Prize for the best idea!

The surfer with the best idea will win a Surf Jimmy box, filled with Surf Jimmys, stickers and wax combs.

Send your ideas to The winner, and the best idea, will be announced on 1 September 2013.

About Easy On Surfing and the Surf Jimmy

Founded in Denmark and located in Copenhagen, Easy On Surfing aims to provide innovative and quality products that make it easier to be a surfer – just like the Surf Jimmy does. The Surf Jimmy is available for purchase at specialty sports retailers throughout Europe and Australia – and hopefully, many more places in the near future.

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