Margaret River granted WCT status


All surfing destinations are diverse and have their own charm. Some surf are big, some small, although rough. For anyone who is looking out for places to visit on a surfing holiday, either to watch or surf to your heart’s content, there are numerous locations round the word to travel to.

Australia has wonderful beaches and some are ideal for surfing. Margaret River in Western Australia is where all the surfers flock to catch the waves. Surfer’s point is the place to be with its towering 18 feet waves. The southern swell is what helps the waves to reach such shocking heights. If you’re planning a surfing holiday to Australia, anytime from November to May is a good time to go.

Margaret River is just one of those places in Western Australia that you could head over to and enjoy yourself, in spite of your actual age, what sex you are as well as everything you like undertaking. There is cheese and wine tasting, great surfing, cave exploring, plenty of amazing restaurants, accommodation ranging from backpackers right through to full on luxury houses on the beach, plenty of scenery to see and a good time for everyone. If you are an adventure seeker, subsequently this can be the place that you should head over to. To start off with, the surfing is world renown, and is very popular.

There are numerous areas round the Margaret River area which can be furthermore excellent; this means you should always be capable of find an excellent destination to go surfing. Certainly, body boarding is popular in the area too! If you want something a little different, kite surfing and wind surfing is also very popular in the area. In fact, when the weather is good for these sports you will see a lot of people in the water!

Another great adventure activity to do is to visit the caves. Should you simply just perform a standard tourist visit then you will have a lot of fun, nevertheless you must adhere to the actual stairs in addition to walkways which are put down. If you want some more adventure, you can go on the adventure tour, where you crawl on your hands and knees through small gaps, slide down rocks and have to use torches because its pitch black.

Margaret River has a lot to offer, which explains why it is one of the most popular places for both local WA people and tourists to visit and the Drug Aware Margaret River Pro has been granted World Championship Tour (WCT) status by the Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP).

The event will commence on April 2 and last until April 13.

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