Laura Enever – who is she?


Laura Enever is a professional surfer from Australia. On the ASP rankings for 2013, she is currently 11th. A relative newcomer on the tour, she prides herself on standing out with outlandish outfits and attitude.

A world surfer, her preference is home in Australia, but she goes where the waves and competition beckon her to come. She prides herself on a small but tightly knit group of friends and support staff wherever she goes.

Enever’s sponsors include Billabong wetsuits and clothing, Boost Mobile, FCS fins, Gorilla Grip accessories, Surfer Living, Rockstar Energy Drinks and Chili Surfboards.

In 2013, she surfed 8 events and tallied an average of 5.49 for the event. In her few years of professional surfing, she has yet to score a perfect 10 on a wave, but that time is not far away.

Given the choice, she would stay home in Northern Australia and continue to surf away happily, but the world calls and she has wild clothes to share with them.

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