Jordy Smith: The surfer from South Africa

Jordy Smith

Jordon Smith (Also known as Jordy Smith) is a professional surfer from South Africa. He is right now taking part in World Championship Tour or WCT. He became the Champion of world Qualifying Series in the year 2007 and qualifies for the World Championship Tour. After winning the Billabong J-Bay Competition in his country in 2010 and 2011, he became the number one ranked surfer in the world. He also won the Billabong Pro tournament in 2013 which was held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He became runner up in the ASP World in 2010 which is the highest finish by Jordy Smith till date.

This professional surfer was born on 11th of February, in the year 1988 in Durban of South Africa but now he stays in Cape Town. His height is 6 feet 3 inches (190 cm) and weight is 86 kg (190 lbs). The sponsors of Jordy Smith are Oakley Eyewear, Vestal watches, CI surfboards, O’Neill wetsuits and clothing, Future fins, Neff headwear and Red Bull energy drinks. The stance of Jordy Smith is Natural (Regular). Jordy Smith is also known as J-Dog. The favorite waves of Jordy Smith aka J-Dog are Mozam, New Pier, J-Bay and Snapper. His favorite maneuver is barrels and airs. The training ground of Jordan Smith is the New Pier wave. The main shaper of Jordy Smith is his dad and some people are there to help his dad. The inspirations of J-Dog aka Jordy Smith are mike Tyson, Kelly and Michael Jordon. The magic stick configuration of Jordy Smith is 6’2 ½” x 19 1/8” x 2 ½”.

So far Jordy Smith has earned almost $1100000.00 in his surfing career. After winning World Qualifying Series which is a second tier tour, he qualifies for World Championship Tour from 2008. His rank was 26th in the world Title Ranking in the year 2008. But from the next year he improved his ranking. His rank was 11th in the year 2009 and 2010 was his best year as his rank was 2nd in that year. Till today that was his best performance. In the year 2011 and 2012, his rank was 7th and 11th respectively. Besides three World Title event victories, he also won other tours in his surfing career till today. He won the O’Neill Cold Water Classic Tasmania in the year 2009 which was an ASP 6 star tour. He won Sooruz Lacanau Pro in 2007 which was another 6 star tour. He also won Hot Tuna Central Coast Pro which is an ASP 4 star tour and Lizzard Nandos Surf Pro which is an ASP 1 star tour in 2007. In 2010, he won Mr. Price Pro which is an ASP 5 star tour.

Surfer Jordy Smith loves surfing from his childhood. He started surfing when he was 6 years old. He is famous in surfing for full rotation “alley oops” and “rodeo flip” movement. Recently he won the first gold medal in surfing which was awarded by ESPN’s X Games Real Surf competition. By winning this award he wins $50k and he becomes the first surfer to win the X Games.

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