Is there an age limit to pro surfing?

kelly slater - dont drop in on locals

Kelly Slater has done it again. He won the first stop on the tour this year – the Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast – beating Joel Parkinson in the final.

Kelly Slater is 41 years old and has now won the ASP World Tour 11 times.

Looking at him killing the waves one starts to wonder – how long can this guy keep on performing at this level? Is there an age limit to pro surfing where it is physically impossible to perform at this level? Or will this guy keep on going until he is 50 or 60 years old?

I remember thinking about it 5 years ago and I was sure that Kelly wouldn’t be able to perform at the highest level after passing the 40-year mark. But now, obviously, I am not so sure anymore.

So what is the physical age limit in surfing?

In football it seems to be around 35. Same in boxing and swimming. In golf, it’s what, 60?

I would have thought that surfing was like football. It’s quite a physical sport, therefore the age limit is around 35, when most players choose to retire.

Though, surfing may be a more technical sport compared to football – and therefore the age limit in pro surfing may be way higher.

Or is it just Kelly Slater, who once again proves he is not human…?


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