Why should I buy a Surf Jimmy?
Do you know those sunset sessions where every second counts? In such a situation you wanna put your wetsuit on and get out there as fast as possible. That is one example where having a Surf Jimmy would help.

Who will benefit from having a Surf Jimmy?
Basically anyone who owns a wetsuit. Not only does the Surf Jimmy help you put your wetsuit on easier and faster, it also prevents a newly bought wetsuit from tearing – so you will never need to send your wetsuit back to the manufacturer. Surf Shops will benefit from selling the Surf Jimmy as well, as the Surf Jimmy makes it easier and faster for customers to put on multiple wetsuits in changing rooms.

Has the Surf Jimmy been tested or approved by surfers?
Yes, the Surf Jimmy has been widely tested by Surfers, Divers, Triathletes and Wakeboarders.

Can I buy a Surf Jimmy directly through this website?
YES YOU CAN! You can get hold on your very own Surf Jimmy by ordering one right here.

I’d like to order a larger quantity of Surf Jimmy boxes – Can I get a discount?
If you’d like to order a large quantity then please contact us directly so we can talk terms. Bulk discounts and wholesale prices are of course available.

Surf Shops interested in selling Surf Jimmy’s in their shop should contact us.

Being located in Copenhagen – can you keep up with the fast development within the surf industry?
Despite Easy On Surfing being geographical positioned in the wave-remote capital of Copenhagen, we are fully aware of what is happening within the surfing industry and follows the development very closely.



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