Flat water

What’s a surfer to do when there’s no surf?

If you’re a surfer, there really isn’t anything better than hitting the waves and letting the rest of the world just melt away, is there? Given the choice between surfing and anything else, a real surfer is going to pick surfing every time. I mean, I know guys that have chosen sick waves rolling in […]


The question on wave size – just downplay it

You just got done surfing one of the sickest sessions in your life and you want to tell everybody you meet about the waves that you made into your bitch. Okay, what are you going to tell them? One of the key points you’re probably going to want to talk about is how big the […]

Surfboard leash

How to choose the right surfboard leash

There are an unlimited amount of money you can spend on surfing gear and equipment but there are only a few things that are essential. One of them is a leash or leg rope. Even though it’s so important, the surfboard leash is a relatively simple thing. It consists of a urethane cord that is […]

surf wax

What surf wax should you buy?

Picking out surf wax can be a little overwhelming. There are so many varieties to choose from that analysis paralysis can set in and you end up standing there, frozen in place like an idiot, weighing the pros and cons of each brand instead of doing what’s really important: surfing. For those of you new […]

wetsuit problems

The crazy wetsuit dance

If you’re ever feeling down in the dumps and need a little cheering up, I’ve got a recommendation about something that will put a little pep in your step. What you need to do is head down to the beach and watch the newbies and otherwise clueless surfers try to put on a wetsuit. These […]


Possible outcomes for the ASP World Tour 2012

Australian Taj Burrow won the O’Neill Coldwater Classic. Big congrats Taj! Its Burrow’s second win of the 2012. He also won the first event this year, the Quiksilver Pro on the Gold Coast, Australia, back in February. With the win, Taj Burrow moves up to the sixth place. In the lead Joel Parkinson is still […]

santa cruz

Next stop Santa Cruz, Northern California

Next stop on the tour will be in the Santa Cruz area in Northern California. Right here The event has previously been an ASP Star and ASP Prime event, however, with Quiksilvers cancellation of its world tour event in New York for 2012 (that stop was only there for one year!), presumably due to budget […]


8th stop done – Title race open

The 8th stop on the 2012 ASP World Tour is finished with Australian Julian Wilson as the winner of the Peniche, Portugal stop. His first win so far this year. Julian Wilson claimed the victory in Peniche beating young Gabriel Medina in the Final. But this was all actually not that interesting. The interesting thing […]


Tips for beginner surfers who are afraid of sharks

There are so many beginners who say that they do not want to surf because they are scared of sharks. And that’s even though they might only surf 50 m from the beach. However, next time you hear someone saying something about sharks – tell them to wear magnets. Because magnets apparently scares “some” sharks […]


Oakley ASP World Junior Championships Bali well underway

First day of the Oakley ASP World Junior Championships Bali is done and what a day. Swell was pumping. 4-6 feet and it was absolutely magical sitting there watching all the young surfers ripping Canggu. Brazilian surfer Geovane Ferreira delivered the day’s highest score with an almost perfect heat getting 19.0 out of 20 possible. […]