Surf Idea Competition Over!

After months of looking for new innovative surf products, the competition is now over. -The competition for finding the best idea for a new surf product has ended. Thank you all so much for all the crazy ideas you sent us. “This was certainly a lesson on how a company can conduct open innovation”, says […]

Surf Leash

Surf product ideas wanted!

Easy On Surfing, the surf company behind the Surf Jimmy, is looking for ideas for a new product to develop. They are asking surfers for help, and will award a prize for the best idea. -We have been in business for about a year and have introduced the Surf Jimmy to most of Europe and […]

dane reynolds

Dane Reynolds Truly Unique

Professional surfing is a sport with millions of followers. One of the best in the league of pro surfers is 27 year old Dane Reynolds. This madman from the Ventura area of California is identified as one of the last of his kind. Acknowledged and admired for lots of untried tactics as well as aerial […]

kelly slater - dont drop in on locals

Is there an age limit to pro surfing?

Kelly Slater has done it again. He won the first stop on the tour this year – the Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast – beating Joel Parkinson in the final. Kelly Slater is 41 years old and has now won the ASP World Tour 11 times. Looking at him killing the waves one starts to wonder […]

Surf Jimmy

Ways to Put on a Wetsuit Faster When It’s Wet

Getting a wetsuit on in a reasonable amount of time can be tricky, even for the pros. But if the wetsuit is wet when you’re trying to put it on? Good luck with that! Actually, there are a few tricks you can use to get your wetsuit on faster, even if it’s wet. Here’s what […]

spray on surf wax

Spray On Surf Wax: Why Didn’t It Catch On?

In the 60s and 70s, several companies sold an aerosol spray wax that sprayed right onto the surf board, but spray on wax doesn’t really exist today. And it seems like such a shame. Although various companies produced a spray on surf wax over the years, it never really caught on with the surfing community. […]

wetsuit problems

How To Put A Wetsuit On Faster

Putting on a wetsuit can be a pain, and it’s even worse if your suit is already wet. Nobody enjoys the cumbersome experience of putting a wetsuit on that just won’t go on, especially when there’s a time limit. If you need to get your suit on in a hurry, there are a few tricks […]

Surf Jimmy003

I Miss Surfing!

It’s now been 3 months since I was last surfing and I miss it! I am not saying it has been bad. December was nice with Christmas, family, friends, presents and everything. However, November was dull and January was even more so! I therefore dream myself away to Bali or Fiji, sun and surf. I […]

Surf Jimmy001

Put on a Wetsuit Like a Pro

You may think that only newbies struggle with putting on a wetsuit, but here’s a little secret: even pros sometimes struggle to look professional while squeezing themselves into the wetsuit. The suit is designed to be skin tight, so there’s a reason it’s not easy. Here are some quick tips for looking like a pro […]

Surf Jimmy002

Surfing – What’s it all about?

Catching a wave? The feeling when catching a wave? Paddling out to the line-up? Or is it when struggling to put on your wetsuit? Or waxing your board? Surfing is pretty much all of the above. However, some of the difficulties can be avoided and made easier. Many surfers will probably say that some aspects […]