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Let Watches Help You Stay Fit

As they say “health is wealth” which pretty much proves that without a healthy body you cannot conquer the world. For a thriving future we all need to stay fit and healthy and since the world has now become a global village we all have products that can assist us in staying healthy. My grandmother […]

Surf ADH Open 2015

ADH Open 2015

Mellow temperature, abandoned long beaches, just you and the sound of the ocean. Thats what you will usually find during the off-season in spring at the french Atlantic Coast… – wait. with one decisive exception.- During the week from the 23.05. – 30.05.2015, the small neighboring village of the Surf-Mekka Hossegor, Seignosse Plage serves as […]

Jordy Smith

Jordy Smith: The surfer from South Africa

Jordon Smith (Also known as Jordy Smith) is a professional surfer from South Africa. He is right now taking part in World Championship Tour or WCT. He became the Champion of world Qualifying Series in the year 2007 and qualifies for the World Championship Tour. After winning the Billabong J-Bay Competition in his country in […]


Margaret River granted WCT status

All surfing destinations are diverse and have their own charm. Some surf are big, some small, although rough. For anyone who is looking out for places to visit on a surfing holiday, either to watch or surf to your heart’s content, there are numerous locations round the word to travel to. Australia has wonderful beaches […]

sally fitzgibbons

Sally Fitzgibbon – Australia’s golden child

In the world of surfing, Sally Fitzgibbon is Australia’s golden child; a surfer since age 6, Sally has enjoyed great success in the sport. As the youngest surfer to win an ASP event at age 14 and the 2007 and 2008 Australasian Pro Junior Series, athletics and surfing have always been where Sally’s passion lay. […]

banzai pipeline

Banzai pipeline – Last stop on the ASP Tour

Think surfing and two things come to mind: Hawaii and the Banzai pipeline. It is the last stop on the ASP Tour and the epitome of what many consider the finest surfing destination in the world. Found on the famous North Shore, the Banzai Pipeline, or Pipe, is famous for the way the waves break […]

alana blanchard

The most googled surfer – Alana Blanchard

Alana Blanchard is a professional surfer and part-time model from Hawaii. She is currently ranked 64 in the ASP Womens Rankings. Hailing from Hawaii, it only makes sense that surfing is very much a part of her life. In fact, surfing pretty much is her life considering she does it for a living and travels […]


Laura Enever – who is she?

Laura Enever is a professional surfer from Australia. On the ASP rankings for 2013, she is currently 11th. A relative newcomer on the tour, she prides herself on standing out with outlandish outfits and attitude. A world surfer, her preference is home in Australia, but she goes where the waves and competition beckon her to […]