Banzai pipeline – Last stop on the ASP Tour

banzai pipeline

Think surfing and two things come to mind: Hawaii and the Banzai pipeline. It is the last stop on the ASP Tour and the epitome of what many consider the finest surfing destination in the world.

Found on the famous North Shore, the Banzai Pipeline, or Pipe, is famous for the way the waves break along the reefs as ocean waves move in towards the beach. The waves break and create a long tube that surfers surf through.

The beach is famous not only for the Pipe but for the various attractions that flock there, namely the surfers. It is not uncommon to see gentlemen with abs so hard quarters will bounce off of them and ladies wearing just enough clothing to be considered legal.

The beach and water here is not for the timid. The waves are quick and high. This is not the area for inexperienced swimmers. Rumor has it Chuck Norris uses the Pipe as his personal Jacuzzi.

There is actually quite a bit to do around the beach besides ogle at the bronzed bodies. The local scenery outside of the surfers is actually quite breathtaking, and the water is very clear. Various fish and flora are found around the entire area.

Best of all, the people there are normally quite friendly and will speak to you about the waves, the life and virtually anything you may be interested in learning about around the Pipe. Keep in mind, the Pipe is a very dangerous surfing location and is not for the inexperienced surfer. The reef below is dangerously sharp and water is very unforgiving to the novice.

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