In 2012, Easy On Surfing was officially launched with the dream of becoming the most loved surf company in the world.

Mission, Vision & Values

It’s always been our mission to create high-quality, innovative surf products – that make it easier to be a surfer. After all, It’s already tough enough being a surfer 🙂

To achieve this Easy On Surfing is gathering passionate people to build up the company in an entrepreneurial, honest, fun but also commercial way. Customer satisfaction stems from the heart of everything we do at Easy On Surfing. In fact, we love our customers almost as much as we love our hard-earned products.

In the longer term, we want to be generous by giving to charity, sponsoring surf events and by providing support and help for less fortunate people in the world through a foundation to allow them to experience the best sport in the world – surfing.

The Backstory

Easy on Surfing was created by passionate surfer and budding entrepreneur Rasmus Backman Sørensen.

Rasmus first experienced surfing in high school while studying in Perth, Australia. From that first moment out in the water, he was hooked. Since then, he’s made several world tours and surfed the likes of France, Australia, Indonesia and Costa Rica. Rasmus currently lives in Copenhagen, where he’s busy finding the perfect balance between travel and work.

Easy on Surfing’s first product idea, the Surf Jimmy, came to Rasmus in 2010 during a Gracetown surf session. The past few days had been nothing but surfing and car camping when the group awoke to a surf that was pumping. Getting out there as fast as possible was the only thing on Rasmus’ mind but obstacle after obstacle seemed to stand in his way. His wetsuit was still wet from the day before and the plastic bags he’d been using to slip into his suit were stretched-out, torn and dirty.

Rasmus made it to the waves, but not before envisioning what would become a surfer’s dream – the Surf Jimmy.