What the Hell is a Surf Jimmy?

The Surf Jimmy is a new product that helps you put your wetsuit on easier and faster. Similar to condoms, this cool, reusable product helps you get that glide every surfer wants when slipping into a wetsuit. Made out of a durable, strong, smooth sailing material, just slip our product onto your legs and arms and slide right into your next big day out on the waves!

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Mike Sandusky

” Surfing in Ontario, Canada? Yup & we know wetsuits! We also know how to put them on – and that’s with a Surf Jimmy. Putting on a damp suit for your second session? It’s not a problem with the Surf jimmy. At the Surf Ontario Surf Shop we believe in the Surf Jimmy and […]

Wendi Zucaroo
Wendi Zuccaro

” I wanted to let you know how stoked I am to have my surf Jimmy’s!!! They totally rock it, make the suit slip on so much easier, and… They are Soooo rugged. I have been using my pair for quite some time. They are sturdy, durable and washable. These are so much better than […]

Jasper Eales
Jasper Eales

” The Surf Jimmy is super product that will increase the life span of your wetsuit, as well as get you into the surf faster than the others. The product is durable, light weight, and highly functional. It is certainly recommended to anyone who has any difficulty in putting a wetsuit or any other tight […]

Jason Swain
Jason Swain

“It’s one of those things that at first glance you wonder what the fuss is about, at second glance you think “I’ll just keep on using an old plastic bag thanks”, and it’s only after using one on a cold morning struggling into a cold wet wetsuit that the real genius becomes clear. I found […]